OBJECTIVE OF SHADOW HUNTERS: The objective of Shadow Hunters is to be the first player to fulfill their character’s Win Condition 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 six-sided Die, 1 Four-sided Die, 16 Wooden Pieces, 8 Player Boards, 16 Black Cards, 16 White Cards, 16 Hermit Cards, 20 Character Cards, 6 Area Cards, 1 Main Gameboard, and 1 Rulebook 

TYPE OF GAMEHidden Roles Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Set in a demon filled forest, Shadow Hunters requires the players to split into three groups of characters, the Shadows, the Hunters, and the Neutrals, all of which are fighting against one another for survival. The players must conceal their identity from the others, because who knows who they can truly trust?  


The gameboard is placed in the middle of the playing area, with the area cards placed in three random pairs on the board. Each pair are in the same attack range. The Black cards, White cards, and Hermit cards are all shuffled separately and placed around the edge of the board, on the assigned space. The players will choose a color to represent them, taking two Wooden game pieces that march their color. One game piece should be placed in the “no damage” portion of the damage track, and the other directly in front of them.  

The character cards are sorted into the three groups, each one shuffled separately. Their backs should be face up. The character card allocation list will state how many cards from each group should be drawn. All of these cards are then shuffled together and dealt to the players. Each player will then learn their identity, ensuring that they keep it secret from the players around them. 

The starting player is randomly chosen, and the game is ready to begin. keonhacai


During their turn, the player has to move their character, and then they may follow instructions found on the area card and/or attack another player. When a player moves their character, they will first roll the dice at the same time. The two numbers added together will tell the player how far they are to move their character. Players are not allowed to stay on the same area card, and they must move.  

Once the player moves, they may follow the instructions found on their new Area Card. This may include drawing cards. They may also choose to attack other players that are on the Area Cards in their range. If they decide to attack, they will choose a target and roll the dice. The damage is equal to the difference in the dice. When a player completes their turn, the player to their right will begin their turn.  

If a player accumulates enough damage that their Character moves to the end of the damage track, then their character becomes deceased. At this time, they are removed from the game, and their identity is revealed. The game continues in this manner until someone wins! 


The game immediately ends when a player has fulfilled their character’s Win Condition. The player will reveal their identity and announce the end of the game. Players are allowed to do this at any point, and they do not have to wait until their turn. Any player that has fulfilled their character’s Condition, are declared the winners.  

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